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Prëst NFT Access

Every Prëst device has an NFC chip embedded in the packaging that links to a Prëst collection NFT.  Just tap your phone to the package to guarantee the authenticity of your device and gain access to private events, secret drops and limited edition products. Only genuine Prëst products will be NFT Linked and tokens are limited.  Tokens are available to device owners, others can request a token and community access. Instructions are below.

Prëst &

The Prëst NFT program is built on the platform, a unique NFT creation engine and marketplace. Tokens can be claimed or requested by going to and clicking on 'Login' in the upper right corner. You can link an existing wallet like Metamask or simply create a metasalt account by linking to Google, social media accounts or just an email. DM us on Insta @beimprest with your metasalt username and we'll send you a free NFT! That's it! 

Only Token holders will be eligible for our highest level products and Prëst Custom made blends. 

NFT Request

Sign up for a account and DM us.

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