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Our Brands:


Prëst is creating a brand-new category for the cannabis consumer: Ultra-Luxury. While most brands race to the bottom, Prëst will target the higher-end consumer seeking the most exclusive products. Prëst will focus on the most exclusive concentrates and exotic terpene blends at premium price points, providing the super-premium consumer with a new option. Our unique, cutting edge ‘Tap for Token’ NFT program guarantees authenticity and raises the bar for cannabis packaging technology. Prëst is projected to be live in Nevada in Q2 2023 in partnership with City Trees, an established licensed production facility. Manufacturing partners in NY are in place as are relationships with the growing retail community and the brand is poised to go live in NY as the market grows. Prëst’s pre-launch garnered mention in the NY times and Honeysuckle magazine. While still in promotional phase, product feedback is outstanding.

Social Highs

Social Highs offers the perfect balance of form and flavor to truly expand the cannabis consumption user base. Our custom designed carts are composed of a proprietary blend of liquid THC-A, CBD Distillate and botanical terpenes. They produce a rich vapor that can be used to fill standard glassware or disposable cups with a rich elixir that tastes like a familiar cocktail- mojito, mango margarita, pina colada or any custom flavor. We also offer a range of concentrations, from CBD Only to 5%, 15%  or 50% THC. This allows us to offer doses ranging from less then .5 milligrams to as much as 4-5 milligrams per cup with nearly instant efficacy, delivering a unique experience to both experienced and new consumers.

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